63. 2022 – Lollyland

All That Is is the breath inside the breath, which is more than I, Me, My, Mine, and that, too, will pass.


1. Origin
2. Order
3. Meaning
4. Lollyland

1. Origin

I was born 56 years ago, in the faraway land of my father, a homeland of holly and war.

Jerusalem – 1927 

My father is the fourth generation to be born in Jerusalem and his ancestors are of East European origin with an Iraqi hint. He grew up in a Jewish Orthodox family and at age seventeen put aside his religion and joined the nascent army. He fought in the 1948 First War and was wounded near East Jerusalem from a bullet that went through his leg.
Kelem – 1928

My mother was born in Kelem, a Jewish town in Lithuania near the Polish border and her ancestors are of Babylonian origin. In 1936, her Socialist father led his family to Palestine, exchanged his teaching profession for selling ice. In 1941, their extended family in Kelem were shot by Nationalists at the pit of Grozhebiski farm under the Palm trees.

Tel Aviv – 1956  

My parents worked full time to maintain their middle class status in secular Tel Aviv. My father was an administrator at Ben-Gurion International Airport, me often experiencing the terminal vibe of overseas. Israel, being on a war footing, was a pressure cooker of heroes, victims, conflicts, excitement, shocks, military and other drama.

Raised a soldier who cries, under clouds of tears and blood, all of which made by humane mankind.

Mania and Israel Street, No. 3 – 1961

Mania was married to Israel Shoat and she was the ‘mother’ of the collective Jewish settlement in Palestine. She died three months before my birth and when I was 4 my parents bought a two bedrooms flat, at 4/3 Mania and Israel Street, Ramat-Aviv. This new suburb with its surrounding fields, streets and the new university campus were us, the kids.  

Pharmacy Lab – 1970  

I worked at odd jobs, having enough money to be financially independent. Babysitting was booming, as my mother worked at the neighborhood’s pharmacy, mixing in its laboratory medicine and quality creams, providing connections with the local high society. My older brother and I shared the work flow, and I for that effect was ‘the pharmacist’s little’.  

Vet Clinic – 1974  

I was devoted to pets, I paid for it, and at times the building storage room was a home to mice, cats, a rat and my mixed Afghan greyhound. For three years, I worked after school as an assistant to the neighborhood Vet, whom was a mentor and a friend. My dog was me for three years, until it was hit by a car that punctured her lungs, leaving me weeping for three days.  

Falling in an import love, flying through the virgin skies to be dumped, back and face a smack of shrapnel.

Broadway Pizza – 1977

The pharmacy was part of an out door shopping arcade that was the neighborhood hub , and I worked at the local pizza shop   I was managing it for few months.  the right took political control l French  Francophone friends groups. All my Sons nickname ‘nitzy’.

Danish Love – 1979

summer car money  Denmark love hair. Eve Copenhagen/London. Frankfurt, Amsterdam.  

Tel al-Zaatar – 1982

Paratrooper Officer Lebanon reality is worse then the fear sign notes – posts. army paramedic 1982 – the first Lebanon war ,smack the face by shrapnel top of Tel al-Zaatar   East Beirut my mother. 

2. Order

Operating the University pub, smashing MBA on USA ground, and being a start up entrepreneur.

Beersheba University – 1984  

In 1984 I met Rachel and we began a close relationship in 1987 when we managed together a pub in our university campus. In 1988 I graduated from Ben-Gurion Beersheba University with a degree in Economics and Management. Rachel is an optical technician by profession but her expertise is in marketing and managing small business. lectures pub Rachel reserve, free tuition. army reserve cleaning.  Canossa  

New York – 1988

In 1990 we traveled in Canada and the U.S. where my brother lives  Tel Aviv cleaning xx Manhattan Toronto.  

Tefen College – 1991

computer screen businesses plains Galilee
and in 1991 Rachel and I studied Entrepreneurship and Start-Up at Tefen College, Israel.

Having bit of Aussie taste, building up a proper stash, and being blessed with a boy and a girl.

Pioneer Concrete
 – 1992

Israel Efficiency In 1995 I became general manager and Rachel joined me as marketing and administration manager of Dovlar Material Systems. The company specialists in supplying the building trade with special paint finishes and acoustic solutions being the official representative in Israel of six international companies. The decision to immigrate was final, as I lost hope that my Homeland could recover. At that time, I finished my employment as a Manager in Pioneer Concrete, an Australian company based in Israel. In the following years, my wife and I managed effectively a Dovlar private company, the economy was booming, and we were financially blessed.  

Dovlar Materials Systems – 1994  

International From 1993 to 1995 I worked as a manager at  Pioneer Concrete – (Hansan) Israel and my wife worked in the hospitality industry as a restaurant manager. accident -pioneer Our first child joined in, and we considered to immigrate to the USA, where I have an American brother.  me to New York. By 1999 we had secured and completed some of the biggest and most lucrative special finishes and acoustic projects in Israel. Second – Child.  

$730.000.00 + 2 – 1998  

No worries Landing worries system Sydney 2000 Good Deeds, tricky country Nana/ footy land experiment low skies winter can be hotter then summer war that has a country $730.000.00.  Hock point/pawn of life.          

Uprooting and moving on, to a new experiment of plenty for all, to get hit at landing to crash total lost.

Morden Paint – 1999

The kiss Sydney Australia No worriers code Plans Disaster observer sin direct hit , two suitcase on the My rebellion, tortured and lonely soul slowly slowly, attachment  Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oy Yoi  Yoi, let it go, surrender not hali hall alalla cloud încheta, system experiment different colors. De Novo law a loo boy   Cross   Dunia is like a cucumber, one minute in the hand the next minute in the ss – Ffrank .2005 cloud stuck wander Taman potic hobo useful. brand name.  

Moroccan Home – 2002  

roots predicament popular 2nd deed withdranness
the fall was slow hitting many rocks on my long way to the bottom
stressor Brief reactive psychosis.  

Kings Cross – 2005-13   

It is through my split second that I notice some cash courtesy as a prof that angels exists. It comes and goes at Kings Cross, Sat. nights around my sweet spot, on the corner of Bayswater and Darlinghurst Roads. On day to day real life, I can spot few faeries push and shovel away some barakoda’s poison. as they care, like and fully mind. 

3. Meaning

On this mothers land, wild best minister on Aboriginal juicy soil, here I sticky bitch till fix and then go home.

Heart Dreaming

A Meeting Placeis Under the Bridge that acknowledges: Homeless Connect the needs Touch Down and Push Up temporally residents on the Ground at Mary Mcdonald Centre, 82 Bourke St, Woolloomooloo, Sydney Rough Sleeper x Bed Storage tame actions local individuals. move on balance with the land holders mechanism of professional bludger mind no food.  

Fair Try

A Political Vehicle that collaborates: for the exposition of the Tort Law applied to the problem of human suffering internet the Line tame test legal cases web The Migration Act fair go optimal transparency.  

Diaspora 2012 – 2028   

Diaspora 2012 – 2028 is a Jewish Home Fusion that caters: Vegetarian Cuisine, Hebrew Music and Judaism Insight, at its Home on the First Floor of 39 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney, NSW, Australia, where its Eastern Wall be rebuilt into Sound Foundation with Jerusalem Stone from the Holy Land and it Close down in 2027.

4. Lollyland

I’m sorry. I learn to know that I know nothing, nothing matter nor one thing is personal, and yet, again and again, which was washed will come back for what goes around comes around.

Dear Sydney: one tricky kiss to the carpet, three-cross merits – seven years conviction each, altogether twenty one no-easy years, and soon your one-offspring.

A butt I came, Petitstic I am, and Bumper I shall return. 

Ya Elohim, keep me alive so long as living is good for me, and cause me to die when death is good for me.

I would like my ashes to be mixed with an Australian potting mix for it to be spread under the three Palm trees at the tip in Keleme, Lithuania.

A butt I came, Petitstic I am, and Bumper I shall return. Ya Elohim, keep me alive so long as living is good for me, and cause me to die when death is good for me. I want to be buried in Kelem.

All That Is is the breath inside the breath, which is more than I, Me, My, Mine, and that, too, will pass.