55. 2013 – Supreme Court

Oh, you can’t help that, said the Cat: we’re all mad here. 


1. Allegation is false
2. A donated good
3. Supreme Court

1. Allegation is false

27.01.12 – AB

Dear Rod,

1. Thank you for the soft copy and yet, George said to me to the effect: “you are bared for 6 months”. I will appreciate your clarification on that issue.  

2. There are some items that belong to me in the ‘ex art space’ and there are other items that belongs to people in which I trust. As it happens that private files were neglected, and by the fact that items in this space are on the move, which also include art works of particular artists, all of which mean that a meeting between you or someone on your behalf and myself, is required as soon as possible, also for the purpose of making a stock record of those mentioned items.   

3. I would like also to remind you that there is a standing issue regarding the ‘kids bicycle’, in which I am still awaiting for clarification.  

4. As all matters are urgent, it will be most appreciate if these will be attend start of today – Friday, 27 January 2012.  

Please free to call me at all time to your convenient!

Kind Regards,   Amir Bodenstein – 0420 848 928

30.01.12 – HSUC


Thanks for your note.                                                                                                                   

In response to the various points: 

1.       Subject to the terms set out in the letter, you may access the various HopeStreet facilities again from 18 May – after 4 months.

2.       I would be happy to meet with you to compile a list of the assets still stored at HopeStreet together with the names of the people to whom these assets belong.  As you will appreciate, HopeStreet is no longer able to store things for people and, in particular, we cannot accept responsibility for any property left on HopeStreet premises.

3.       I understand that the bike you refer to is now with Carl.  I would be happy to arrange for its return to you if that is what you want. 

I trust this helps clarify things.  We are always available to meet and discuss any issues with you.

Please be assured of our best intentions.

Kind regards


31.01.12 – AB

31 January 2012  (not edited)

Dear Rood,

1. Thank you for your reply.

2. I have my weekly meeting with Carl tomorrow (Wednesday) and I will let you know were the bicycle issue stands soon after.

3. On last Saturday at around 1pm, the art space door was left open with no supervision, which emphasis the need for our meeting in that regard, sooner than later.

4. As George approach me last week, handing your letter and in a different occasion also asking to speak with me privately, and latter extending the ban to 6  months, I am asking you now to instruct your staff member, that in no circumstances he should make any contact with me. In case that this contact is a must, he either can ask another staff member or call the police.   

Your letter dated 23 January 2012:

1. In clause no. 1 in the above mention letter you are stating that “behaviors are: 1. Repeated death threats to a member of the Hope Street staff”.
2. This allegation is false and I here by declare that at no time and in particular on Friday the 20 January 2012, I made any death threat or any other threat to any Hope Street staff, which include Mr George.

3. You might have different information in that regard and I would like to ask you at this stage to provide me with relevant statements if any, which support your allegation.

4. I also dispute the power of Hope Street to ban me from their property in general, which is to my opinion is an act of discrimination, specially as hope street works under the umbrella of a Charity – public organisation.

5. Without accepting the power of hope street to ban people, I am asking now for an hearing in my matter, which will allow me to appeal your banning decision.

6. Without accepting the power of hope street to ban people, and without admitting any wrong doing of my behalf, I would like to refer you to the big sign in the coffee shop which states that (even matters) of violence will be resulted in 2 weeks ban, which is different from the 4 months ban mentioned in your letter.

7. For the purpose of the requested hearing, I will supply you with relevant statements in due course. 

8. I here by request hope street to lift the ban immediately, at least till a proper and open hearing will take place.

Truthfully Yours,

Amir Bodenstein

2. A donated good

01.02.12 – HSUC


Thank you for your email in which you raise a number of issues.  My response to each is as follows: 

1.       I look forward to learning the outcome of your discussion with Carl about the bike

2.       As you know, a church group organised a barbeque in Tom Uren Square last Saturday.  From all reports, I understand this was a very successful event.  The door should not have been left open but I accept your observation.  George will not initiate any direct contact with you during the period when you are unable to access the HopeStreet properties

3.       I do have access to Incident Reports that relate to activities on Friday 20 January but those documents are confidental to HopeStreet.

4.       HopeStreet has the normal property rights that relate to premises that it owns and/or legally occupies.  These include the right to admit people to the various properties or to deny entry.  This is a right at law that is available to every land owner and legal tenant.  If anyone gains entry to a property after having been asked to leave, that action is called “trespass” and the police can be called to enforce exclusion.  This is most commonly encountered with patrons being asked to leave a hotel or bar – but the same right regarding who may and may not be present on someone’s property is widely available and often enforced.

5.       You have every right to ask for the HopeStreet decision to be reviewed but the only person able to do so is Andrew Dawkins.  He is presently on leave but will return next week.  I will notify him of your desire to appeal the decision and I am sure he will be happy to discuss this with you.  Unfortunately I am not able to review or overturn the decision – Andrew is the only person with that authority. 

I hope this adequately answers your points.  Please be assured that we remain willing to discuss any issues with you.  We are interested in your welfare and will provide reasonable help when we can assist you, subject always to our ability to respond and circumstances at the time.

Kind regards


03.02.12 – AB

Dear Rod,                                                                                                                                                         

Thank you for your assistance today. Regarding the other matters, which we discussed earlier, I will reply by next week.

Have a nice weekend, 


07.02.12 – Carl

i’ll know after Sunday about next week’s availability

Is there something specific you want me to help you with as I only have time to meet for a specific purpose to resolve a particular issue. Perhaps you can let me know after Sunday when you write next.


08.02.12 – AB

Dear Rod,                                                                                                                                                           

There were two different allegations that were made by Hope Street and its staff member in regard the incident of 20 January 2012: 1. Death threats and/or other threats.

2. Theft of a mobile phone, which is an Hope Street property and which was at the time in the possession of Hope Street staff member.

I deny both allegation and I claim that both are lies that were fabricated by Hope Street member and other. Those are serious allegations which are also criminal offences.

I here by request from Hope Street as a matter of urgency the opportunity to contest those allegations through a fair and a transparent hearing.

Thank you, 


14.02.12 – HSUC


As I’m sure you know, Andrew has now returned to work from his holiday.

I’ll ask if he can meet with you to discuss these various issues.



27.02.12 – AB

Dear Rod,             

Two weeks ago I was told by Andrew that due to an audit, he will arrange a meeting in the beginning of last week. This proposed meeting did not take place. I would appreciate if you may remind Andrew that I am still waiting.

Thank you, Amir Bodenstein

27.02.12 – HSUC


Sorry this has been delayed.

I have sent a message to Andrew asking him to confirm a time to meet with you as soon as possible.


05.03.12 – AB

Dear Rod,  

This is a further reminder regarding my request.  

I would like to mention that the subject incident took place more than 6 weeks ago.  

Please let me know where Hope Street stand on my long time request.  

Thank you , Amir

07.03.12 – HSUC


I passed on your message to Andrew.

He told me that he has been trying to find you during the past week so that you can both sit down for a discussion.

He is happy to meet you – if I can assist arrange the meeting I would be happy to do so.

Kind regards


07.03.12 – AB

Dear Rod,

Please do arrange the meeting as soon as possible and let me know when through my email.

Thank you, 


03.04.12 – HSUC


Andrew could meet with you either this Wednesday or Thursday or Friday at either 11:00 am or 12:00 noon.

Please let me know which day and time is the most convenient for you and where you would like to meet (maybe upstairs in our Forbes Street Office) and I will confirm that with Andrew.

Kind regards


11.04.12 – George

Dear Amir, 

It has been HopeStreet’s understanding that the fuseball table in the Art Space, had been offered to HopeStreet as adonated good.

I wish to respect your claim that this is incorrect, and that you are the owner of the fuseball table.

The proposed sale of the fuseball table through the Op Shop has hence been terminated.

As has been discussed with you numerous times, you need to remove your personal belongings from the Art Space. The fuseball table has inappropriately been stored in the Art Space for several months and it does not belong there.

You will need to remove the table from the Art Space.

We are able to give you a 3 week time period to which to remove it.

If it is still in the Art Space after Wednesday 2nd May, HopeStreet shall consider the table ‘abandoned goods’ and shall move it outside on Cathedral Street for Council pick up.

I trust this is fair and reasonable.


George Vlamakis
Community Development Co-ordinator

3. Supreme Court

01.05.12 – AB

Dear Rod,

It would be most appreciate if you will find a time tomorrow (Wed) to meet me, regarding my possessions at the art space.

Thank you, Amir

02.05.12 – HSUC


I can meet you pretty much any time – except from about 1:30 – 2:30.

Get someone to let me know you’re in the Square and I’ll meet with you.


02.05.12 – AB

Dear Amir 

As we discussed yesterday afternoon, I have spoken with people at HopeStreet in the context of our previous correspondence.

I would like to arrange the meeting mentioned in that correspondence – the one that you have tried to prompt in your discussions with Andrew and Ken.

Please let me know when you are next in the neighbourhood and I will meet with you to agree a convenient time for the meeting. 

Kind regards

18.12.12 – HSUC

Hi Amir

Warren has asked that I send you a copy of our letter.  Please find a copy attached.

Also, can we catch up to finalise this matter in the next couple of days?


Rod Ravenscroft
Operations Manager

24.12.12 – HSUC

Hi Amir

Please find our letter attached – following our meeting on Friday.

Please let me know if there is anything further you would to discuss.

Kind regards

Rod Ravenscroft
Operations Manager


24.12.12 – AB

Dear Rood,

I consider your letter as ‘more salt on the insult’, and I will act accordingly.

Merry Chrismas, Amir

18.01.13 – Supreme Court of NSW


15.02.13 – Amended Statement


Around August 2010, three years ago, after exhausting all my and my family – friends financial resources ($1.2 million), I became homeless on zero budget. I am homeless and I live at Tom Uren Place, Woollomooloo, Sydney. In the the last two years, on Fridays from 11 am to 3 pm, I used to volunteer at the nearby Back Shed Cafe, which is part of Hope Street, a charity on behalf of the Baptist Church. In the last few months I was assistant by different people during my shift, mainly by a women named Dien.

Friday, 13 January 2012

23-4 January 2012
22 February 2012
Sleeping gear/bible – Kuparot
26 March 2012
Going through the scattered staff, Tomer pictures and the disaster documents. Camera + laptop- gone. saved- cassettes.
29.11.12 – 7.30 pm
Frnank ” You don’t smile, don’t talk… You are Poffy (kunt) eben Sharamota…You are c rocket thief, cheat like all the other… you may think this is because I an moving to .. You Smart Ass… I was in the Op shop to take some cloths and they told me that you stole George phone. You make plenty of money and you don’t bring it in.. you give to some places, you make …Morin they all said you are ,achust sharamota have one and go… “

On 17 March 2013, Sunday 10.30 pm Sunday at Tom Uren Square near my sleeping gear, while both standing;
Carol Ann – John Paul gave me the letter & I know that he provoke you like he did to Jacqueline. Now Morin & George are suing Hope Street and me.
Me – What do you mean he provoked?
Carol – Yes, I was there when it happen & I saw that he provoke you.
Me – What do you mean by provoke. I didn’t threaten him.
Carol – Yes you did.
Me – There was never position that I threaten him. I said that he is finishing & killing Hope Street. All will be found out in the court.
Carol – Oh, so I should change my statement.
Me – You should stick to your truth and don’t change anything. Just the true.

In the week that started on the 13 of January 2012, I told Dien that I will be late at the coming Friday and I asked her to start the shift by herself, me joining her at around 12.30 pm. Dien said to the effect of: ” I will cover for you, and this is my last Friday that I can come to help you, as I am going to have a real job”.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012 

Friday, 20 January 2012

I was at the Oznam Learning Center from 8.30 am till around 12.15 pm, working on the computer. I went down to the nearby cafe and I saw a red plastic bucket covered with a towel, placed on a milk kart in the coffee service area on the floor. I lifted the towel and saw a red fluid which had a strong smell of alcohol. I saw Murine and I asked her to the effect: “what is this bucket”. She replied to the effect: “some guys have a party and they are making a punch”. Around two minutes later I saw dien and I said to the effect: “can you keep me an Oz Harvest beg”. Dien replied anger words to the effect: “you didn’t kept me one, and “, and she turned away. Rozi entered the cafe and I escort her to the Op Shop as she needed to change her cloths. I left to the Talbot to have lunch and I returned to the cafe at around 1 pm.

The Black Magic

I made myself a coffee 

168-174 Cathedral Street, Woolloomooloo 2011 NSW 

Application Number: D/2013/30
Change of use of existing terrace from commercial to residential. Alterations and additions, including installation of two front dormer windows, a rear roof extension, a ground floor rear awning, and rear ground floor folding doors, and internal refurbishments.