42. 2017 – Supreme Court 2

I offered my back to the floggers and my cheeks to those who pluck out my hair; I did not hide my face from humiliation and spitting. For the Lord will help me; therefore, I am not disgraced; therefore, I have set my face like flint and I know that I will not be ashamed. He who vindicates me is near.

1. My Australia 

My Australia

Mr Johnston states that the wall was not built in a straight line and that the wall was not bowed or rotated.

28.04.09 Affidavit of Phillip Jhonston

“5 I refer to page 3 of the report made by me dated 25 June 2001.

Regarding ‘bowing’ and ‘rotation’ of the wall, the wall was not built in a straight line. The direction of the wall changes throughout its entire height, at a point about 4.5 meters from Glebe Point Road. The sketch which appears on the Structural Details dated 7 June 2002 shows the approximate location of the change in direction of the wall was built into it. The wall was not bowed or rotated.”

“6…When I inspected the premises on 1 June 2001, I saw that there was no gap between the walls and the first floor ceiling, and I therefore concluded that neither the first floor joists had moved or pulled away from the eastern wall. That is what is described by me in the last sentence of paragraph 2.1 of the report dated June 2001. The lack of any separation or relative movement was evidence that the wall had not bowed or rotated, and those factors could not be used as reasons to claim that the wall was structurally unsound.