20. 2001 – A slap in the face

So I turned my mind to understand, to investigate and to search out wisdom and the scheme of things and to understand the stupidity of wickedness and the madness of folly.I discovered that a seductive woman is a trap more bitter than death. Her passion is a snare, and her soft hands are chains. Those who are pleasing to God will escape her, but sinners will be caught in her snare.

The owner Voukelatos delays presenting Johnston’s earlier report to Council until the report is reviewed by his lawyers.

He seeks to find a new tenant but asks Carino to be his agent in lieu of LJ Hooker whose services he describes as having been “slack”. LJ Hooker describes Voukelatos’ description as a “slap in the face”.

LJ Hooker continues to advise repairs for 39 Glebe Point Road to avoid it becoming derelict and a well-funded advertising campaign.

1. Keep looking for a tenant
2. The slack agents
3. A slap in the face

1. Keep looking for a tenant

Mr Voukelatos thinks that they should not send Mr Johnston’s report to the Council until his Lawyer returns to work and has a chance to look at it and then they can discuss it amongst themselves.

11.07.01 Mr Voukelatos to Mr Ketas KI 1, 445

“Zois Voukelatos

Dimitriou Golemi 34, Leffkas Island 31100

I would like you to fax me a copy of Phillip Johnston’s report when you have it or the draft you mentioned in your last e-mail.

I don’t think we should send it to Council until Theo returns to work and has a chance to look at it and we can discuss it amongst ourselves.

I’ve also instructed Middletons, Moore and Bevins to commence legal action against Jack Grant for recovery of rent and other expenses incurred to date.

Please keep looking for a tenant and send me copies of all invoices paid over the last few months including water rates.”

The Owner had since a structural engineer

A prospective Lessee makes an enquiry with Leichhardt Council regarding the order and the Council officer is aware that the Owner had since another Structural Engineer who is advising that the building does not need to be underpinned.

09.10.01 Leichhardt Compliance Department DQ 1, 181  

“I had a gentlemen at the counter this morning wanting to speak to someone regarding 39 Glebe Point Road. He is looking to rent the property, but there is a Council order on the building requiring underpinning…

The owner (residing in Greece) had since a structural engineer carry out a report concluding underpinning is not necessary… Understandably, this gentleman would like to know where the issue stands before renting.

Could you call Ray Kehlet ASAP.”

“Mr Ray Kehlet return my call. He advised that owner has a report from another engineer who is advising the building does not need to be underpinned. 9/10/01.”

2. The slack agents

Mrs Voukelatos is very determined to get rid of L.J. Hooker.

15.10.01 Mrs Voukelatos to Mr Carino KJ 1, 446

“Thanks Carnio for the web sites of the real estates.

Please make an effort to go and get duplicate key of the property from Mr Ketas of L.J.H. Glebe. I’m worried about the place as you’d mentioned the lights are on upstairs-they may be squatters residing.

Can you advertise in the papers like the local papers Glebe, SMH, Greek newspaper blog. Next to us before Bad Manners Café and see what response we goanna get. You can play real estate agent at the same time looking for job.advertise as above

use your tel. no. in R Rockdale as a contact person

get Vilma to help you show the property to prospective tenants

I’ll contact the John Vitt (real estate agent at Leichhardt) as I’m very determine to get rid of LJH.

put a for lease sign at the shop with your tel. no.

I rather give you the commission than the slack agents.

The ad will read as follows:

Coffee shop/take away shop in busy location in Glebe Pt. Rd. $1000 per week, near Sydney Uni.

Contact Rey Carino, tel. 9597-76-92. Good luck,


15.10.01 Mrs Voukelatos to Mr Carino KK 1, 447

“Please ring David Vitello-commercial manager on (02) 9550 0266 stating that the owners, who are living overseas, are interested to rent the property at Glebe. Tell him that he sent us a letter and that we want to try him as an agent instead of LJH. Their office is in Leichhardt and tell him that you are the next of kin and helping on our behalf.

Please do it today or ASAP as we need the money to pay the mortgage.”

3. A slap in the face

Mr Ketas states to Mr Voukelatos that the front door is partly bordered up and as the Owner knows and has refused to do any thing about the back fence, it collapsed allowing any one to enter the premises to take drugs or sleep there etc and the image of the building is bad and it gives a bad image on Glebe Point Road. He also states that prospective Lessees will not spend money on run-down properties without Council approval.

16.10.01, Mr Ketas to Mr Voukelatos KL 1, 448

“someone by the name of cario turned up to our office after hours tonight in possession of 2 e mail from your e mail address from Vessie. Cario requested that I hand to him a key, which I refused to do particularly after reading the insults and defamatory embarks contained in the letters.

Zois I must say I am disappointed and amazed at the tone of the e-mail.

I note that you want the other agent to start advertising in the Greek papers, Sydney Morning Herald, local etc. the basic tools that allow me to do my job and were denied from me are now given to this other agent. why?????

As I previously stated……certain upgrading to the building is required to at least attract more interest, advertising, proper signage etc.

People (particularly business people) will not spend money on run down properties without some concessions. Certainly not without legal authority to run their day to day business!!!!!i.e. Council approval.

Let me ask you zois…..do you work for nothing?

Do you realize the amount of people I have shown through the property (with out being paid), which I have been happy to do because I felt that you have been unlucky.

Although that you are losing rent you must realize that L.J. Hooker Glebe is carrying the burden as well. The property is becoming derelict, people are constantly putting posters on the front window, the front door is partly bordered up and as you know and have refused to do any thing about the back fence has collapsed allowing any one to enter the premises to take drugs or sleep there etc the image of the building is bad and to be quiet frank it gives us a bad image on glebe point rd.

Nevertheless I have persisted. And now a slap in the face with no logical/rational reason.

I don’t know what has been told to Vessie but please pass this e mail to her and give us a call asap..”.