09. 2000 – The whole building

There is no remembrance of men of old, and even those who are yet to come will not be remembered by those who follow.


1. Tell them we are working on it 
2. The whole building

1. Tell them we are working on it 

Mr Voukelatos asks Mr Ketas to keep the Council posted soon and regularly on this matter and to tell the Council that they are working on it.

29.03.00 Mr Voukelatos to Mr Ketas IJ 1, 351

I want to keep Council posted soon & regularly on this matter & if you think it necessary please phone Mr Simon Greieson or Mr Warwick Bailey (phone 9367 9070) to tell them we are working on it.”

2. The whole building

An Independent Report by Rooney & Bye commissioned by Mr Ketas following the advice of Mr Voukelatos’ Lawyer Mr Casimatis, finds the sidewall rotates in an easterly direction and it bows in and out for the full length and the movement of the wall appears to have rotated the whole building. Rooney & Bye recommends a further and more detailed investigation by a qualified structural engineer to determine the appropriate course of action and that the rectification work should be carried out in the near future to ensure the wall’s stability.

30.03.00 Mr Ketas to Mr Voukelatos IK 1, 352

“I have spoken to Jack and he advises that he was not aware of the order from Leichhardt Council. I have spoken to Theo Casimatis and he advises that we engage our own Structural Engineer for an independent assessment. Could you please advice if this ok. Ps I have also spoken to Leichhardt Council and explained our point of view.”

03.04.00 Mr Voukelatos to Mr Ketas IK 1, 352

Thanks for your e-mail dated 30/3/00. Yes, please go head and engage a structural Engineer-if possible get the person I mentioned in my last fax to you, otherwise, use one you think can do the job properly.”

10.04.00 Mr Blunt to Mr Ketas DL/M 1-6, 165-72

“1.0 General

Rooney & Bye (Aust) Pty Ltd were commissioned to comment on the eastern wall of the premises at 39 Glebe Point Road, Glebe.

The wall in question is the external wall of a two stories load bearing brick structure with a timber first floor. For the purpose of this report, the building faces south and Glebe Point Road runs east-west.

For this report:  Crack width noted to be very slight <1 mm

                        Crack width noted to be slight >1-5 mm

                        Crack width noted to be moderate = 5-10 mm

2.0 Site visit

A site visit was undertaken by Charles Blunt of this office. The building was viewed from the street and internally, however, no access to the upper floor rooms was possible.

External Survey

(1)   Northern Wall:

On the northern return wall there is a slight moderate vertical crack above the door opening, which has been patched. On the rear northern wall there is a slight to moderate vertical crack at the party wall (Photo 1 &2).

(2)   Eastern Wall:

On the eastern wall, set back from the boundary, there is slight cracking above the archway.

There are slight to moderate vertical cracks for the full height which have been patched. There is also displacement of the bricks to the east.

The wall bows in and out for the full height, and it appears that it has rotated towards the east (Photo5).

The sandstone footing appears to have settled, particularly at the center of the wall.

The mortar has deteriorated and has been scored out in the sandstone block joints.

There are several slight diagonal and vertical cracks throughout the wall that has been patched.

The adjacent tree could be affecting the foundations.


The eastern wall is showing signs of distress, indicated by cracking, bowing and rotation. In our opinion, the wall is not in immediate danger of collapse, however, it does require rectification to extend its life. This rectification should be undertaken in the near future.

In several areas where crack have occurred and have been repaired, a more detailed examination should be undertaken to determine if temporary repair is required to stop any debris falling to the pavement.

The wall has rotated in an easterly direction, and bows in and out for the full length. This movement appears to have rotated the whole building. This is based on the fact that there is no evidence of separation between the walls and the floor or ceiling. If the eastern wall had rotated and the rest of the building had remained stationary, a gap could be expected to develop between the Level 1 floor and the eastern or western wall.

The bowing of the wall is of concern, however, without a history of it occurrence, it is not possible to determine what effect this is having on the wall.

There is evidence of some undermining of the wall and deterioration of the mortar. This, in our view, should be one of the first items investigated when any rectification occurs.

4.0 Summary

Based on visual examination from the ground level, it is our opinion that:

The wall is cracked, has moved, and will need rectification, but is not in immediate danger of collapse.

A closer examination of the cracks should be undertaken to see if further temporary repair is required.

A further and more detailed investigation by a qualified structural Engineer is required to determine the appropriate course of action. This rectification work should be carried out in the near future to insure the wall’s stability remains.

Should further cracking or movement occur, a structural Engineer should be contacted immediately to view the wall, as propping may be required to prevent continuing movement.

Report prepared by Charles Blunt  Reviewed by Philip Butcher”

(16.06.00) Rooney & Bye to Mr Ketas L 1, p. 353

“Re: 39 Glebe Point Road, Glebe:

Report on Wall

To: Professional services render in site visit (4/4/00) and preparation of engineering report, for the above property.

Amount claim: $350.00”