05. 1997 – Termination: D’son

All the rivers run into the sea, Yet the sea is not full; To the place from which the rivers come, There they return again.

L.J. Hooker Glebe takes over the administration of a lease on 39 Glebe Point Road in 1996 with the lessee being Mrs Spindler for a term of four years, from 1994 until 1998.

In 1996 Mrs Davidson leases the building as premises for a café and requests Voukelatos to complete the restoration work. Few months later her lease is terminated by the owner.

1. L.J. Hooker Glebe
2. Mrs Davidson is the Lessee
3. Termination Notice: Davidson

1. L.J. Hooker Glebe

Mr Luke Ketas from L.J. Hooker, Glebe receives the current Lease-Contract and a proposal to lease the property by Mrs Carren Davidson. 

01.10.96 McCormack Broker to Mr Ketas GH 1, 292

Lessees- Mary Joan Spindler
Term: 4 years
Commencing Date: 24 April 1994
Terminating Date: 24 April 1998”

20.11.96 Ms Davidson’s Lawyer to Mr Ketas GI 1, 293

“We act on behalf of Mrs Carren Davidson, the purchaser under a Contract for sale dated 4th November, 1996 of the business known as “Scottish Corner Café” being operated at the above address by the present Lessee’s Alan Calder and Sylvia Howden.”

21.11.96 Mr Ketas to Mrs & Mr Voukelatos GJ 1, 294

“Further to our telephone conversation, please find attached a Management Agency Agreement for the above property.”

“In relation to the possible new tenant. I have spoken to your Solicitor and the matter now rests in his hands. Hopefully this can be resolved sooner, rather than latter.

Thank you for the opportunity of service to you and I look forward to your instruction. Yours faithfully L.J. Hooker Glebe Luke Ketas Director

2. Mrs Davidson is the Lessee

Mr Theo Casimatis is Mrs & Mr Voukelatos’ Lawyer and Mrs Carren Davidson requests that the Owner takes into consideration his responsibility for the restoration of his property.

03.12.96 Ms Davidson to Mr Ketas GK 1, 295

“Please let me know as soon as possible if any further quote are required as I am sure you are aware that this needs to be done. As you know I am full aware that I am responsible for most of the extensive repairs but there are a few areas I would like the owner to take into consideration his responsibility to the restoration of his property. They are as follows:

Down pipe and guttering on the back of the laundry

Storm water

Back door replacement and lock

Carpet upstairs

Bedroom repairs due to water damage 

Painting upstairs”

12.12.96 Mr Casimatis to Mr Ketas GL 1, 296

“We refer to the above matter and advise that settlement was completed today.”

12.12.96 Lease GM 1, 297

“Lessee: Carren Davidson

 Term: Three (3) years

 Commencing day: 12.12.96

 With an option to renew for a period of: Three (3) years”

3. Termination Notice: Davidson

Mr Ketas notifies Mrs Davidson that under Clause 14.2 of the Lease Agreement the Owners terminate the Lease.

16.02.97 Mr Ketas to Ms Davidson GN 1, 298

“As per Clause 14.2 of your lease agreement the lessor hereby terminates the above mentioned tenancy forthwith.

Could you please contact the writer for further arrangements?”