01. 1989 – 39 Glebe Point Rd.

“Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.” What profit has a man from all his labor in which he toils under the sun?


1. 39 Glebe Point Rd.

1. 39 Glebe Point Rd.

In 1989 Mr & Mrs Voukelatos buy 39 Glebe Point Road from Mr A.J. Hoy and soon after they receive compensation from Leichhardt Council for a sewerage pipe in the backyard that was blocked by tree roots from a large poplar tree planted by Council on Dan Minogue Park.

23.08.89 Mr Voukelatos to Leichhardt Council GA 1, 282

“a) There is a blocked sewerage pipe on a toilet located at the rear of our property very close to the fence line boundary with Dan Minogue Park. The cause of the blockage appears to be tree roots from large Poplar trees planted by Council on Dan Minogue Park.”

05.10.89 Mr Voukelatos to Leichhardt Council GB 1, 283

“Re; sewerage blockage and paling fence damage

The total cost is $397.78 and I now ask Council to reimburse me the total amount paid.

The inspection carried out by Mr J. Connelly verified that tree roots from poplar trees planted in Dan Minogue Park were the cause of the blockage of the sewerage pipe.”

01.11.89 Letter of Release GC 1, 284

“The above release is signed on the understanding that it only applies to the cost associated with repairing the blocked sewer by Council trees.”