Lollyland is the story of 39 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, a two-storey terrace house built in the 1880s with convict-made brick walls on sandstone foundations.

It is about roots of two poplar trees in the adjacent Minogue Reserve which were growing through the sandstone foundations and destroying the structural integrity of the building.

It also recounts the migration story of Amir Bodenstein from Tel Aviv, Israel to Sydney, Australia from just before the Sydney 2000 Olympics until now in 2022.

1. Preface
2. About this website
3. Minogue Reserve (Photo) – 1990
4. Morden Paint Sydney Australia – 2001
5. 39 Glebe Point Road, Glebe – 2004
6. This is My Diaspora – 2009
7. My Space, My Face – 2010
8. Solidarity (Photo) – 2017
9. The Future (Video, 4m 44s) – 2018
10. NSW Parliamentary Inquiry – 2022

1. Preface

From the ‘Holy Land’ to the promised land, the ‘Lucky Country’, an all-in voyage was undertaken in 1999 to seek a peaceful life, choosing the ancient Gadigal Eora nation, the City of Sydney to put down roots and become a safe haven far removed from the beating drums of impending war and the pressure cooker life in Israel.

A fateful meeting on 7 December 2001 at 39 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, a two-story Victorian terrace which was meant to be a ground-floor Moroccan restaurant with a first-floor home, led to an existential battle over trees roots that caused a breakdown of the structural integrity and added two bulges to the east wall.

From old Babylon, I have led my roots to the homeland of ‘no worries, mate’, and whether this vast continent allows me after 21 years of a challenging path to realise my Aussie dreams remains to be seen; but when all is said and done, at the end of my life I will depart with tears in my eyes and know that Sydney was well worth the try.

2. About this website

The lollyland.com.au website has an introduction Homepage which is followed by 63 pages that are arranged in 3 sections and 9 subsections.

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3. Minogue Reserve (Photo) – 1990


The endemic poplar tree can cause major structural damage to building foundations due to the thickness and length of its roots, so they should always be planted at least five meters from any structure.

4. Morden Paint Sydney Australia – 2001 – 2001


5. 39 Glebe Point Road, Glebe – 2004


6. This is My Diaspora – 2009

High Court Justice

To Amir, 16.9.2009
Writer: My friend Rafi

This is My Beginning

Life is a battleground. You are its foot soldier, its general of the advancing army or the retreating one, offensive or defensive. The strategist in the drill game of everyday living.

If we know where to invade, life is a drill, the unknown is the real war. We might win some battles in advance, but lose the war on the ground.

The ground underneath our feet is shaken with the advance of time. That is the reason why the veteran’s knees shake with age. They have seen it all.

The mines caused some to lose their legs for a cause, others to lose their faith along the way. They have also been ambushed by fate, ridiculed by fortune, slapped by love, captured by immoralities.

Yet we all soldier on with a bullfighter’s stamina in the minefield of destiny with an order orchestrated by chaotic existence. We are all universal soldiers in an army of one. When we fight, we fight alone.

The world watches and only intervenes if there is a profit in it. Ministers have the power in this game we call life. Tactical errors can cost the life of one.

The army of one has charged. The battleground is perilous. The might of the army of one with god on his side.
Attention! As you are, Soldier.

Ha Kol Le Tova – Baruch Hasem –
(Everything is for the better – בָּרוּךְ הַשֵּׁם)
This is My Diaspora

7. My Space, My Face – 2010

My space is an honest place. It faces me every day. It has one entrance for hope, the other for solitude.

The walls are wet with my tears and my body is bare like my soul; the reflection of memories passing through arched over me, destined to live within, born in the womb of mother darkness.

My place is not so bad. I speak to it, echoes thundering, the mind seeing all, repeating it, quoting mosaic passages with alarming prophecy.

‘Self in Exile’
Mushroom Tunnel, Picton, NSW
Photo: Sam Campbell, 2010

I was born to live in this space, a meager existence, a tough mighty soul. I chose this existence, a defying space. My space is an honest place.
It faces me every night.

Hakol Letova
(Everything is for the Better)
Writer: My friend Rafi, 2010

8. Solidarity (Photo) – 2017

Finger Wharf, Woolloomooloo, Sydney
Photo: John Webber, 1 Feb 2017


9. The Future (Video, 4m 44s) – 2018

‘The Future 2018’
Finger Wharf, Woolloomooloo, Sydney
6th Resilience Film Challenge, Dendy Opera Quays, 21 Nov 2018, 7pm
Revised edition of the 2017 Challenge, ‘The Water Front’
Video: Amir Bodenstein

10. NSW Parliamentary Inquiry – 2022

10.1. NSW Parliamentary Inquiry – 4 Jul 2019

Regulation of building standards, building quality and building disputes

10.2 Submission No. 175 by Amir Bodenstein – 4 Nov 2019

Submission no. 175 – Mr Amir Bodenstein


10.3. 39 Glebe Point Ro.ad (7 Photos) – 20 Nov 2019

10.4. Questions on Notice – xx Xxx 2022

Dear Sarah,

Is the enquiry – committee permanent / standing / is David the permanent chair?


For the stone will cry out from the wall, and the beam from the woodwork responds.